Frequently Asked Questions

delete negative items overnight and pay after its done.  Use bitcoin or google pay

How do I get started?

The process is easy, FREE and will have no impact on your credit

1. Sign up at Credit Karma to view your Equifax and Transunion Report

2. Sign up at Free Credit to view your Experian Report

3. Submit your information here or by clicking the blue button below 

4. In a few hours, we will send you a detailed proposal with a cost breakdown

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via Google Pay or Bitcoin.  If you wish to pay with a Major Credit Card, you can do so by purchasing Bitcoin on the Coinmama Website: Contact us for further details.

Can I pay you after the items are deleted?

Yes -   you can select our pay after completion option simply by asking to do so and by placing the entire invoice amount in escrow via the website Bitify   If you select this option, we will create a custom listing for your order on the site and email you the link to it so you can place the funds in escrow.  You retain 100% control of your funds and do not have to release them until you log into your credit report and see for yourself that we have completed the removal of your negative items.  We will begin deleting items as soon as we receive confirmation of the escrowed funds. 

Do you guarantee the items will come off?

Yes - we have enjoyed a 100% success rate for the past 3 years and have no doubt that this will continue.  This is why we offer a 'pay after completion option'.  If you are unfortunate to become my first client whose credit has items that we cannot remove we will double your refund!

Is my information secure?

Yes -  we keep all of our client information on an offline encrypted hard drive and as soon as you verify that your reports are cleaned and the service is therefore complete, all of your information is permanently deleted.

Will my credit score go up when negative items are deleted?

The credit bureau algorithms use the total number of accounts (good and bad) when calculating your credit score.  When you remove negative items your credit score might decrease because the number of accounts decreased.   It all depends on what else is on your report.  If your report is full of negative items and is suddenly swept clean, you will have to add positive tradelines (accounts) to your reports to boost the score back into the 700+ range.  We will help you do this and do not charge for that service.


Can the deleted items come back?

Yes - but It is extremely rare.  We have cleaned several hundred credit reports since we began this service and negative items have only returned in 3 instances.  In each one of those cases, the collection agency changed the amount of the charge-off and the bureaus mistakenly reposted it as 'new'.  We subsequently had to remove those items again and they never returned after that.

Do you have any Reviews?

Yes - there was a time when our services were featured on the freelancer website, called 'Fiverr'.  However, in 2019 all Credit Repair Services were banned from their platform.  

Fortunately, our profile and 390+ positive reviews still remain on their website and you can view them by clicking  here

Can you help with Funding?

Yes - we have partnered with McLaren Funding,  a no-doc online funding company that can get you up to $250,000* in as little as 3 weeks.  Their process is very quick and easy and is done entirely online. 

*You must have 680+ FICO scores on a 3 bureaus to be approved.  You can read more about them and their process on their website: