Got Bad Credit?
The Captain of Credit
Can Help



we can remove chapter 7 and chapter 13 from your credit reports

We can remove discharged or dismissed Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcies.

Collections & Charge-offs

collections and charegoffs are the easiest for us to remove from your report

We  can remove any collection or charge-off account.


You can get a past vehicle repossession removed from your credit report

We can remove any repossession from your report.


There is no need to live with a past foreclosure on your credit report

We can remove foreclosures from your report.

Hard Inquiries

each hard inquiry deducts 2-5 points from your credit scores

We can delete inquiries from your report in 7 days. Each inquiry can decrease your credit score by 2 - 5 points.  

Student Loans

defaulted student loans can mean the death knell to your credit score

We can delete delinquent Student Loans. 

How Do We Do it?

Many people suffer the devastating effects of having bad credit for years because they mistakenly believe the myth that you have to wait years for negative items to organically fall off your credit reports.   This is simply not true.  

We have spent several years developing a unique and infallible method of quickly getting negative items off of credit reports.  ALL of the methods we use are 100% legal and do not involve any questionable methods like filing frivolous lawsuits or fraudulent identity theft reports.

To the best of our knowledge, no one else in the United States is employing our proprietary method and that is why we have enjoyed a 100% success rate ever since we began using this method in June 2018.

Our methods do not involve lengthy letter writing campaigns, online disputes or other known techniques. Because our method is highly effective and extremely fast, it is not cheap and we do not accept every person who desires the service.  

If you do not have the ability or willingness to invest in yourself, unfortunately we can't help you.

However, for those of you who do, we can get ALL negative items off of your Experian, Transunion or Equifax report in 14 to 45* days - Guaranteed! 

*Equifax is the only bureau currently taking 45 days, Experian and Transunion are currently taking 14 to 30 days.


If you have doubts or have been scammed in the past, use our 'pay after completion' option.  You will not have to pay a penny upfront and only make the payment after you have logged into your credit reports and see for yourself that the items have been removed.  If we don't perform - you don't pay!